Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can't I do?
A: We make efforts not to limit the expression of artist, but my personal recommendation is that you keep in mind that ASIFA-Atlanta serves a diverse community, and if your film is selected, it may be viewed internationally. Also, make sure what you submit qualifies as “animation” (e.g. not a slide show, solely live action, or an animatic, etc.).

Q: Am I allowed to include a logo intro?
A: Yes, as long as your entire animation (logo included) is 15 minutes or less.

Q: Is there a theme I need to base my animation off of?
A: No, you may submit an animation based on the subject of your choosing.

Q: What is your policy on copyrighted music or Royalty Free Music?
A: We will accept shorts that do not conform to national copyright laws, however, those entries may not be eligible for use in other screenings.

Q: When we submit our work, what are we require to put in our bio? Can you give me a list of questions to answer? And how many pieces of art work are we allowed to submit for the magazine? Do we need to submit any concept art from our RYO animation piece?
A: The bio, list of questions, and pieces of work will only be asked of those whose animations are accepted into this year's Roll Yer Own screening. Upon acceptance, they will receive a letter outlining all that is needed for the zine. Nothing that takes more than a few hours or so to be gather will be asked of any individual, so it is not necessary to prepare for this now.